Name: Nathan Kellar
D.O.B: 5-10-86
Player in band: Bass
Favorite food: Cookies and chicken
favorite bands: afi, thrice, mxpx (teenage polotics era)...list goes on
3 fav celebs i want to date: alicia silverstone, jennifer love hewitt, and brittiny spears
I wish my name was: Tareck Hyjasi
What would i play if i didnt play bass: piano or drums
Things i dont like:When girlsarent funny, and they dont take me seriously.Mexican people who start fights for no reasonRacism.poop. smiths chinese food. When i help people out with things and they arent thankful and Jimmy the guitar player(i hate him)

Name: James Thomas Czanstke III
D.O.B: September 29, 1984
Age: 16
Years Existed: 16
Height: 6'
Shoe Size: 12...yes its true ladies...big shoes big sox
Player In Band: Guitar and Vocals
Favorite Bands: Green Day, MxPx, NoFx, Metallica, Boy George and The Culture Club, Ten Times A Day, anything pussy Emo (He played with dolls as a child), NFG, Green Day, Shai Hulud, Osker, and Canibus
Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza Mmmmmm
Turn Ons: Girls that dont smoke and preppy looking girls but not their attitudes! They suck!
Turn offs: Girls that hit boys!
Age: 16
Goal In Life: To Have Fun and rock!
Fun Things To Do: 80's scooter, Chrissie, Ride Ponys, and Look At Porno
Nickname: Billiejames (cause people think i look like billie joe??)
Bio: Jimmy Czanstke was born a lone time ago. He was born in Detroit Michigan.He lived there for a couple years then he left all of his family to move to Las Vegas.This upset Jimmy. He was sad.He soon got over this and lived a normal life. Jimmy is an outstanding kid. He likes to shoot archary in his free time. When hes not busy shooting pool he also likes to see his sexy girl Chrissie. Jimmy is a lover not a fighter. So please dont hit him he might cry. Jimmy also loves the U.S.A no matter what Diego might say (he's a stupid mexican haha). This country is the best! Oh yea so then Jimmy got kicked out that crappy band No-Refills and colaberated with Adam and Diego to form " The Mercuries "

Franky The Horse

Name: Franky Jake The Horse
Age: 19
D.O.B: 01-15-81
Favorite music: Emo and Cow Humping
Favorite T.V. Show: Jackass
Bio: Franky was once a small horsey who lived on the farm. Then Franky moved to Las Vegas where he did horse porn to make extra money. He then learned how to play keyboards. We then thought hey we like horses why not have a horse in the band? Franky is the 2nd newest member of " The Mercuries " (but now New Low Price)