When we have news for the peeps this is where it will be!

Joey is our first true fan!!!!!!!!

Chrissie is also a fan (even though she's never even heard us...i think she has a crush on jimmy!)

Adam has decided that he wants to leave The Mercuries and join his old band No Refills...So if anyone is interested in playing drums for us please contact us!!!!

Were going to try out a new drummer this weekend!

Diego has a girlfriend now...sorry ladies!

The Mercuries are now complete due to the newest member Matt.We finished "Connie" today and are working on "Broken Hearted Again" currently!!!

This really isnt news but were gunna drop chrissies song for now and try another because of technical difficulties.thank you

Its my moms birthday today!!!!!

Blagh!!!!!! nothing really new...we have a new song now!!!!!its called poopy days but the rest of the band doesnt like the name but it really doesn't matter cause its mostly my band anyways (this is jimmy speaking)!!!!!yea!!!!!

Well were sorry to say that Diego has left the mercuries...we now have Nate playing bass.

We are going into the UNLV recording studio sometime in march to record " Lost Forever In This Time Of Hate " (formerly " Connie ")

We will have an address you can write us to or to ask for one of these bitching demos.

thank you

We have decided to change our band name to "New Low Price" hope you like it.

The " Connie " demo will be finished hopefully by wed!!!!!
If anyone wants some " New Low Price " stickers just email one of the band members with your name and address and well send you some!

Well the " Connie " demo is taking longer than we thought do to the fact our singer cant sing! Sorry for the inconvenience

Well we finaly finished our demo if anyone wants one just email one of us with your address and we'll get ya one as soon as possible.

You can download our music on the music page if you dont want a demo or on napster.

we put up 2 of Skylers songs on the music page for you guys!!!!!

Come see "skyler" Friday the 25th at the Huntridge!!!!!!!!

New Low Price is progressing very well in our music.we have written many more songs and plan to play lots of shows this summer.If anyone can get us shows we would be very thankful.
Matt has decided to leave the band.